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13/16 cup of water
1 milk
1 teaspoon tea leaves
1 milk
1 sugar

Directions: How to Cook Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #07

Ha, my favourite drink, and topic! How to make the perfect chai and then sip (note sip, not drink!) it in peace.

The Perfect Chai:

1. For each cup, of chai u need about 4/5 th cup of water, u are going to lose some water in evaporation etc.. and u are going to add milk for the rest. This measure can be changed to suit your proportion of tea+milk.

2. Boil the water and then pour it into the tea pot. Now ad the tea leaves, I use about 1 teaspoon/cup.

3. Now close the pot, and if u want to preserve the heat, close it with a sort of insulating cap u get for the pot.

4. Now heat some milk separately.

5. The cups can be pre-heated by rinsing with hot water.

6. After the tea has brewed for 7-10 minutes, pour the tea into the cups through a strainer, add milk + sugar.

Modified Chai (doesn't need pot etc..)

1. Boil the water in a regular vessel

2. Turn off the gas, add chai and close the vessel with a plate so that the steam stays in

3. Other steps are same

Ginger+Ilaichi chai:

1. Cut some pieces of ginger, crush them with a spoon. Add it to the water when u boil it. U can also add Ilaichi (cardamom ) to add flavor.

U can try various types of tea. The best is got by mixing the so called dust tea and leaf tea. Dust adds strength, while leaf gives a distinctive flavor to it. Try Darjeeling tea, its great.

And remember tea should never be boiled, it should be brewed.




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