Category: Beverages
Rating: 4.00
Servings: 1


1 water
1 tea leaves
1 spices: ginger; cardamom, cloves; whole w
1 milk
1 sweetener; to taste

Directions: How to Cook Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #09

There are 2 methods you could make tea the Indian way. Boil water - nothing is added till the water is boiling. Stop the heat source. Add tea leaves and spices (I will give you a list of spices at the end). The tea and spices are usually added to the boiling water in a Bone China tea decanter. The decanter is then covered with a "tea cozy" for around 3-5 minutes (to allow the tea to brew). Filter into tea cups, add milk and sweetener to taste. This is considered the sophisticated method and is used for the more exotic tea leaves. Usually not many spices are added in this type of preparation. By exotic I would say - Darjeeling varieties.

NOTE: For his 2nd way, see "Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #10".



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