Category: Desserts
Rating: 4.19
Servings: 1


1 stick butter
2 handful very fine vermicelli
4 cup milk
1 pint whipping cream
1 handful raisins
3 tablespoon sugar
4 almonds (optional) peeled
1 and thinly slice

Directions: How to Cook Kheer [vermicelli Pudding]

1. Melt butter in 4 qt. pot 2. Break vermicelli into 3 inch pieces. Over low heat stir vermicelli into butter till it turns lightly brown. 3. Pour in the milk and stir over medium heat till the milk boils. 4. Put in the raisins, almonds and sugar. 5. Continue to cook under low heat for 10 minutes. 6. Add whipping cream and continue to cook for a couple of minutes. 7. Remove from heat and when cool, chill in the refrigerator before serving

Recipe By : Somesh Rao

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