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1 to california in one of the
1 last wagon trains to leave
1 the east.
1 over a four year period in
1 her later years she wrote
1 down the ways and
1 recipes she had used and
1 passed them down to me.
1 some of the foods and
1 terminology have changed and
1 is so noted ( ) by me.

Directions: How to Cook Great Grandmother's Bread

Easter Brown Bread

One pint each of rye or Graham (unbolted flour) and Indian (corn) meal, one cup molasses, three-fourths cup of sour milk (one-half cup sour cream and one-fourth cup milk), one-half tea-spoons (baking) soda, and one and one-half pints cold water.

Knead into one loaf then put on stove over cold water and steam for four hours, and brown over in the oven.

Brown Bread Two and one-half cups sour milk (two cups sour cream and one-half cup milk) and one-half cup molasses; into these put one heaping tea-spoon soda, two cups corn meal, one cup Graham flour; steam three hours, and brown a few minutes in the oven.

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From: D Roberts My great grandmother, originally from the Passamaquaddy Indian nation, came

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