Category: Beverages
Rating: 2.00
Servings: 1


1 water
1 milk
1 sugar
1 lipton tea bag
1 fresh ginger root (optional)
1 cardamom powder (optional)

Directions: How to Cook Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #04

Chai is Indian version of tea with cream and sugar. You can make it Indian style as follows: Boil a cup of water and milk mixture, and sugar to it. You can use less water and more milk to make it creamier. (All milk is okay too.) Dip in a regular Lipton tea bag for a minute. Longer you dip it, the stronger (and bitter) is the chai.

If you want ginger tea, buy fresh ginger root, chop a very small piece (a gram or so) and put it in boiling mixture before dipping the tea bag. You can use cardamom (sp ?) powder instead of ginger too.




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