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6 lb dry light malt extract
1 lb crystal malt (40l)
3 oz fresh ginger (boil)
1/2 oz galena pellets (11.4%)
1 (boil)
1 oz fresh ginger (finish)
1 oz hallentaur pellets (4.?%)
1 (finish)
1 wyeast british ale yeast
1 (#1098?)

Directions: How to Cook Indian Summer Gingered Ale

Crush crystal malt, add to 2 gallons water and bring to about 170 degrees. Remove grains, add dry extract, 3 ounces ginger, boiling hops and boil for 1 hour. During last ten minutes add finishing ginger and hops. Chill. Pitch yeast. Wonderful color and smells delicious. Should be in the bottle next week- end and I'll report on how it turns out.

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