Category: Chutneys
Rating: 3.25
Servings: 1


3 lb fresh firm mangoes
1 1/2 lb brown sugar or jaggery
3/8 lb peeled garlic cloves
3/8 lb fresh ginger finely chopped
4 oz sultanas
4 oz raisins
2 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon ground cummin
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1 tablespoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon cloves ground

Directions: How to Cook Mango Chutney

Peel the mangoes and slice, retaining all the juice.

Put the mango slices in a pan with just enough water to cover and bring to boil. when simmering add sugar and extra water if necessary to prevent sticking.

Puree the garlic, ginger, rasins and sultanas, then add the spices.

When the mango reaches a jam like consistency, add the puree and the salt. stir and allow to simmer, adding water if needed.

When it thickens sufficiently, remove from heat. Cool and bottle. Leave for a minimum of 4 weeks before serving.

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Michelle W writes:

I do home canning and have a pressure and a water boiling canner. It is very common where I live to do home I noticed that this recipe calls for bottling the finished the bottles..which I assume are mason bottles...should they be put in a boiling water or pressure canner--considering acid content of the food-- after that to process or is it safe to just bottle the product once finished in the mason jars with sterilized lids and rings? It is common practice to sterlize the lids and rings as before putting in jams, jellies, pickles, etc for safety reasons. Furthermore, for a high acid should be boiling water canner, and a low acid product should be a pressure canner..because it has to be over 245 degrees to kill of dangerous bacteria---botulism spors. A lot of people are not aware of this..but it is true,,and only a pressure canner that can reach this high in degree can do it...nothing else! A profesinal oppinion on this would be great as to what is the most effecient, safest bottling method here...Thank You! :)))))))

Posted on 25 Jul 2008, 11:45 ET

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