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Rating: 2.75
Servings: 4


1 adler fngp13b
1 lb steak -- chuck
1 onion -- sliced
1 garlic clove -- crushed
1 ginger root; fresh -- 1-inch
1 pi
2 chilis -- slit lengthwise
1 (up
1 pepper; green -- sliced
1 (option
1 salt -- to taste
1 lemon juice (1/2-1 lemon)
1 oil for frying

Directions: How to Cook Mirchi Fry (Chili Fried Meat)

*I don't like green pepper because it gives me heartburns, so I don't cook with it. Cut the beef into very thin slices. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the onion and garlic for about five minutes, add the ginger and chilis, and fry well before adding the beef. Fry the beef well till brown on all sides. Add salt and the sliced green pepper. Fry for one minute then add the lemon juice and cook, covered till tender. This is a dry dish and should have little or no gravy. It you feel it is too dry, sprinkle a little water into the pan. From Indian Cooking for Pleasure by Premila Lal. Formatted for MM by Karen Adler.

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