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5 medium celery cabbage heads
1 small korean radish -- cut into
1 thin juliee
1/2 bundle
1/2 bundle
1/2 bundle
1/2 korean pear, -- cut into
1 thin julien
5 chestnuts -- , cut into
1 slivers
5 ulbs, peeled a
2 small ginger roots -- , peeled and
1 crushed
1 cup pickled anchovies
3 1/2 lb oysters
1 cup rice flour paste
15 large dried red peppers -- ,
1 halved, seeded and
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 sugar
3 cup coarse salt
3 cup table salt
1 korean watercress
1 green thread onions
1 indian mustard leaves

Directions: How to Cook Southern Cabbage Kimchi

preliminaries. remove the coarse outer leaves in the cabbage and save them. cut the cabbage into 2 or 4 sections lengthwise (see above preliminaries). soak the cabbage sections and the removed leaves in a brine prepared with 3 cups of salt and 4 quarts of water until soften, about 3 hours.


1. soak the cabbage sections in the brine until soften; rinse with cold water and drain.

2. cut the chestnuts into slivers.

3. cut the aromatic green vegetables into 1 1/4 lengths

4. mix 1 tablespoon of the rice flour and 1 cup of water and cook over low heat.

5. crush the soften red peppers into fine pieces and add the rice paste and the pickled fish juice. mix well.

6. mix the stuffing ingredients--all the vegetables, red pepper mixture, pear strips, chestnuts, and sesame seeds. season with anchovy juice, salt and sugar; toss the mixture with the oysters.

7. pack the stuffing between the leaves of the soften cabbage by holding back the leaves and layering the stuffing under them. Firmly wrap the stuffed cabbage with the outer leaves and stack them in a crock. cover the top with the salted outer leaves and press down lightly

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