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Servings: 6


1 1/2 lb fresh green beans
10 whole cloves garlic
5 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 dried hot red chili
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground roasted cumin
1 in cube peeled chopped ginge
1 1/2 cup water
2 teaspoon whole cumin seeds
2 teaspoon ground coriander
3 tablespoon lemon juice

Directions: How to Cook Spicy Green Beans (Masaledar Sem)

Trim the green beans and cut them crosswise at 1/4 in intervals. Put the ginger and garlic into the container of an electric blender or food processor. Add 1/3 of the water and blend until fairly smooth. Heat the oil in a wide, heavy saucepan over a medium flame. When hot, put in the cumin seeds. Five seconds later, put in the crushed chili. As soon as it darkens, pour in the ginger-garlic paste. Stir and cook for about a minute. Put in the coriander. Stir a few times. Now put in the chopped tomatoes. Stir and cook for about 2 minutes, mashing up the tomato pieces with the back of a slotted spoon as you do so. Put in the beans, salt and the remaining water. Bring to simmer. Cover, turn heat to low and cook for about 8-10 minutes or until the beans are tender. Remove the cover. Add the lemon juice, roasted cumin, and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper. Turn heat up and boil away all of the liquid, stirring the beans gently as you do so.

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Recent comments and reviews for this recipe:

Willy Prang writes:

Great recipe - been (haha) making this dish for a few years now, absolutely beautiful with the usual curry stuff... I make a kilo at a time, and eat them cold for lunches !

Posted on 09 May 2008, 06:04 ET

Susan P writes:

Finally another recipe inorder to use up my home grown green beans. Thank-you

Posted on 06 Sep 2008, 11:35 ET

obiwan writes:

This recipe sucks ... "1 dried hot red chili" in the ingredients, but the instructions say "crushed chili" ... the instructions call for tomatoes but no quantity of tomatoes is given in the ingredient list ... also freshly ground pepper is not listed in the ingredients.

Posted on 09 Jan 2010, 17:51 ET

Willy Pran writes:

Obiwan why can't you just use your brain & prepare the dish. Probably your not used to cooking & needs to be spoon feed everything.

Posted on 03 May 2011, 15:34 ET

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