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Directions: How to Cook Stuffed Parathas

Make dough for regular chappati's.

Fillings: Potato - Boil potatoes, mash, add salt and chili to taste. Add Garam Masala and mango powder.

Radish - Grate one large Diakon Radish, add salt and leave for 1/2 hour. Squeeze out all the water, add grated ginger, chili, and pomegranate seeds.

Cauliflower - Grate cauliflower, add salt, pepper, garlic, and Garam Masala.

Method: Roll out 2 small chappati's. Place filling on one, cover with the second, seal edges and cook as for parathas. Posted to by (Micaela Pantke) on Thu, 12 Aug 93.

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I want to find out if the tamarind sauce recipe is the same as the urdu version of tamarind sauce used for the chicken tikka recipe. Also if the ginger and garlic paste used for the chicken can be replaced with the whole ginger and garlic

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