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9 oz khoa; (see directions)
3 oz castor sugar
1 oz almonds
2 drop kewra essence or 1 drop itar kewra
1/2 oz pistachio nuts
4 medium silver leaves (optional)

Directions: How to Cook Burfi Badam Pista (Milk, Almond And Pistachio Nut Toffee)

Prepare khoa (dried fresh whole milk) by boiling 2 pints Jersey milk or 960 mls buffalo milk briskly in a heavy pan (karahi). Stir all the time until it dries up (takes about half an hour) and see that the fire burns well, as slow heating turns the khoa creamy in colour. The finished product should be white if properly prepared. Keep aside and allow it to cool.

Add castor sugar (or substitute powdered sugar) to khoa and mix thoroughly. Then cook for 10 minutes, taking care not to let the mixture stick to the bottom. Mix minced almonds and pistachios; stir for 2 to 3 seconds, remove from the heat and allow it to cool; add kewra essence or the itar.

Invert a thali or a tray and grease its back; put the mixture over it and roll out as neat and aas straight as possible. Decorate with silver leaves. When it cools down and becomes firm, cut into diamond pieces. Keep in an air-tight tin.

Source: "Mrs. Balbir Singh's Indian Cookery" Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V3 #245

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